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Are you interested in working for our company? We are looking forward to your application with great interest.

As we are the leading manufacturer of high performance industrial coatings for heavy corrosion protection challenging and various jobs are waiting for you. We can offer many possibilities for your personal development and you will get the chance to make a career.

We are looking for people who want to achieve a lot and who are highly interested in their work.

The main emphasis of our work is the sale and distribution of high quality ceramic polymers. We would be pleased to receive your application and will contact you if we are able to offer a suitable position in our company.

We might be looking exactly for you!

Thesis for a degree:

We have always been interested in integrating young and motivated academics in our company and therefore we offer university students or students of applied sciences and arts the opportunity to write their thesis for a degree and to gather experience in international marketing and management.
We will certainly support you in all phases of your thesis and give as much advice and guidance as we can.

If you have just started your studies we can offer the chance to work part-time in our company which makes it possible that work and studies can coincide.

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