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20.05.2020 External and Internal Coating of Industrial Water Tank in Italian Refinery with Ceramic-Polymer Brand Products

South Italy / Silicy: For an Italian refinery, a huge tank for industrial water was  protected externally and internally with Ceramic-Polymer Brand coatings. [more]

25.03.2020 Product Innovation at Chesterton International GmbH – Low VOC Concrete Primers for versatile Application

    Product Innovation at Chesterton International GmbH –Low VOC Concrete Primers for versatile Application        &[more]

26.02.2020 Stainless Steel Separator refurbished effectively with Proguard CN-OC; Durable Protection against 33 % Sodium Chloride Solution

Barcelona: A salt mine near the Catalan capital city uses for crystallization of salt a specific separator of stainless steel double chambers. Even after 2 years o[more]

06.01.2020 65 Pipes at a big wastewater plant in Poland protected against abrasion and chemical infl uences

The wastewater treatment plant in Warsaw, one of the biggest in Central Europe, has daily capacity of 500.000 m. Until 2021, the capacity is to be doubled. Within[more]

07.10.2019 CP-Synthofloor series: Antistatic Flooring with Anti-Skid Function for Pharmaceutical Company in Milano/Italy

Milano/Italy: After an operation time of 7 years, the industrial floor of a pharmaceutical company showed heavy damages due to high mechanical stress and chemical [more]

17.06.2019 Severe damage by pitting corrosion: Electric motor was efficiently restored with ARC- and Ceramic-Polymer-Systems

The Greek company ”Hellenic Petroleum“ owns a plant for polypropylene in  Thessaloniki. Here, a medium voltage motor for pumps of cooling water circulation wa[more]

23.01.2019 Ceramic Polymer: NORSOK M-501 Our Coatings for Offshore Requirements

Regarding suitability of protective coatings for the offshore industry, the system classification NORSOK M-501 is the most important standard for the assessment of[more]

10.12.2018 15 Dump trailers coated with PROGUARD CN-1M – durable protection for aluminum construction

Up to now, our high-performance coating PROGUARD CN-1M was used for 15 special dump trailers from OptiTwin GmbH, manufacturer of utility vehicle for agriculture in[more]

15.10.2018 Our Concrete Protection Systems feature durable functionality and esthetics for indoor pool

The company Strohbeck GmbH from Kernen-Stetten/Germany is specified on complex surface protection for different industries. Whether renovation or new coating for s[more]

18.07.2018 Coating of copper block heat exchanger by flood method with low viscosity PROGUARD CN-1M

The company “Zacosin® the surface experts”, located in Gladbeck/Germany, is specified on surface protection of different devices and plant components as well as th[more]

15.05.2018 PROGUARD CN 200 for spiral pipe systems of Francis turbines – water-power plant at river Louros/Greece

The company W.T.S.-Ludwig Ltd., located in Heidenheim/Germany, fabricates complex devices and tanks for filter technology and water treatment as well as large stee[more]

22.03.2018 Ceramic Polymer: External coating of a huge universal tank in Czech Republic

Czech Republic: The external coating of the large tank, which is part of a well-known car manufacturing company, was renovated effectively with our products CERAMI[more]

31.01.2018 External coating of casing pipelines for oil platform in the North Sea − application area „Splash Zone“

„Wintershall“ is the biggest international operating German company for the oil and gas production. For an oil platform in the North Sea, 16 huge casing pipes for [more]

20.12.2017 Internal coating of pressure pipes for “HOL BLANK” still intact after 10 years of operation!

Image rights: bremenports GmbH & Co. KGIn 2007, the harbor company „bremenports GmbH & Co. KG“ – Department Engineering and Steel Hydraulics Constructions [more]

24.10.2017 Our cartridge systems – simple and cost saving application of premium coatings for small tanks and hardly accessible areas

The company „Zacosin® the surface experts“, located in Gladbeck/Germany, uses for comprehensive corrosion protection of small special tanks our premium coatings wi[more]

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