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20.01.2014 Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of slug catcher pipelines for the extraction of natural gas

Our coating "Proguard CN-1M-LV3"€ provides durable corrosion protection and abrasion resistance [more]

11.12.2013 Ceramic Polymer: Durable corrosion protection in salt-laden air -

Coating for roof construction of huge biomass tanks[more]

30.10.2013 Ceramic Polymer coatings for maximum concrete protection -

Professional refurbishment of a waste water plant [more]

04.10.2013 Ceramic Polymer high-performance coating "Proguard VEG" -

resistant against 20% hydrochloric acid![more]

13.09.2013 "Ceramic-Polymer SF/LF-SRB"€ for splash zone of CNOOC oil platform -

coating with fouling blocker is suitable for offshore applications.[more]

15.08.2013 Ceramic Polymer: Protective coating for substitution tanks of biogas feeding systems -

Inspection after 3½ years shows highest performance of "Proguard CN 200"[more]

19.07.2013 Ceramic Polymer GmbH - New certification according to ISO 9001:2008

Production, conception, sales and trade of ceramic-filled and organic-filled coating systems. [more]

28.06.2013 Ceramic Polymer coating after 5 years still effective and intact!

A major project from 2008: Internal and external coating of 2 bioethanol storage tanks [more]

15.05.2013 A current Ceramic Polymer project: External coating of 90 km oil pipeline with "žProguard CN 100 iso"€

Our "Proguard-Series"€ provides a tight cross linking of the polymer chains even at high substrate temperatures (Tg > 120°C).[more]

15.04.2013 Ceramic Polymer belongs to the top 10 Germany Industry Award Nominees for "INDUSTRIEPREIS 2013"

The German publishing group "Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH" bestows the "INDUSTRIEPREIS" to companies with high economical, social, technlogical and ecologic[more]

15.03.2013 Ceramic Polymer - New tank coating system for applications during winter season!

Internal coating of 2 bulk tanks for calcium chloride-solution![more]

15.02.2013 Ceramic Polymer - Coatings against MIC - Microbially induced corrosion, fast and fatal!

Unique long-term protection against biocorrosion induced by SRB-bacteria - Development and patent application by Ceramic Polymer GmbH![more]

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