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15.08.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Extensive renewal of 2 hygienisation tanks - EWE biogas plant in Werlte/Germany

    Since 1980 company Reinken is an experienced partner for blasting and coating techniques. Beside different blasting methods Reinken specializes in extremely [more]

15.08.2011 Ceramic Polymer - Coatings for biogas plants:

Personal experiences - Interview with local biogas plant operator[more]

15.08.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Application directly on concrete: Proguard CN-1M

Chemical resistance against aggressive biomass![more]

15.07.2011 Ceramic Polymer - coatings for offshore applications:

Extensive product range for maritime individuality![more]

15.07.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Germanischer Lloyd-Approvals for renewal of ballast-water-tanks

    The requirements of the "Germanischer Lloyd" are fulfilled with our solvent-free coating system Ceramic-Polymer SF/LF in the field of renewal of ballast-wate[more]

30.06.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of large hot-water tanks

  Since 1897, boilers and devices are built in Rathenow/Germany. The MAP Maschines & Devices Production GmbH produces vessels, instruments and complex co[more]

30.06.2011 Ceramic Polymer product systems are certified for On and Offshore drinking water installations - Institute for Public Health, Oslo/Norway

      Ceramic Polymer GmbH has achieved again a special result concerning drinking water specification. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health "Folkehelseinstit[more]

30.06.2011 Ceramic Polymer: External coating of 20 beer-tanks - Radeberger Brewery, Berlin/Germany

  Dogan GmbH for corrosion protection & yacht coating is located in Kiel/Germany. The company specializes in blasting and coating technics for the ship build[more]

15.06.2011 Ceramic Polymer GmbH sets new standards for concrete protection!

    Proguard CN-1M -Outstanding adhesion without primer!   Due to remarkable test results we would like to point on significant advantages of our new development[more]

01.05.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Mechanism of anaerobe bio corrosion induced by SRB bacteria

When considering the definition of "corrosion", you first think of aerobe corrosion where metal is distroyed under the influence of oxygen and water. However, a[more]

01.03.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of a storage tank for solvent-mixture in Egypt

The Alexandria Petroleum Company is among the largest oil and gas companies in Egypt. Different petroleum products and a variety of solvents are produced in this r[more]

15.02.2011 Ceramic Polymer: New development Proguard CN-1M - Unique adhesion on stainless steel

Ceramic Polymer GmbH has developed a new kind of tank lining product with outstandig chemical resistance. Recently, Proguard CN-1M has passed several adhesion tests[more]

01.02.2011 Ceramic Polymer: New development with outstanding chemical resistance - Market launch in Summer 2011

Ceramic Polymer GmbH has developed a new kind of tank lining product for high requirements. This innovative coating system on epoxyhybrid-basis with integratio[more]

01.01.2011 Ceramic Polymer - Coatings for biogas plants:

Innovative biogas technics - high efficiency and cost minimizing[more]

01.12.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Al Fateh University in Tripoli, Libya - a building project of superlatives

      The Al Fateh University in Tripoli, Libya is expanded with enormous efforts. The total budget amounts approximately 2 billion US$, 39 faculty-premises are b[more]

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