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16.07.2012 Ceramic Polymer - Coatings for Oil and Gas applications: Remarkable reference projects in Saudi Arabia!

In 2010, Ceramic Polymer's high-performance coating was approved for "Saudi-Aramco-Standards"! [more]

02.07.2012 Ceramic Polymer - Coatings for Drinking water applications - Proguard CN 200 features "German standard DVGW-W270"!

? Our high-performance coating Proguard CN 200 has already got a certification of "German standard KTW" for heated drinking water up to 85°C. ? To prove its a[more]

02.07.2012 Ceramic Polymer - coatings for Maritime & Offshore - 4 coating systems passed test according to ISO 20340!

Coatings, which are being used for offshore applications have to meet highest demands. The constantly moist and salt-laden air combined with intensive UV radiati[more]

01.06.2012 Ceramic Polymer: Why concrete has to be coated?

Also tanks and fermenters of concrete need a resistant coating for a failure-free operation. The belief concrete could stand aggressive chemical attacks within t[more]

01.06.2012 Ceramic Polymer - Coatings for biogas plants:

Efficiency for the biogas-sector; durable concrete protection for hydrolysis tanks![more]

01.05.2012 Ceramic Polymer: Extension of our distribution network

New co-operation partners open up new markets Ceramic Polymer GmbH cooperates throughout the world with selected distributors. Recently, we could expand this n[more]

15.02.2012 Ceramic Polymer: Our new development Proguard CN-OC for stainless steel!

Part of our presentation at the 11th conference of "Germanischer Lloyd", 26th of January 2012 in Hamburg/Germany "Corrosion protection for maritime techniq[more]

24.01.2012 Ceramic Polymer: Our new developments - highly resistant, extremely adhesive, solvent-free!

Proguard CN-1M and Proguard CN-OC provide outstanding product properties   Excellent chemical resistance at high operating temperatures   various acids and alka[more]

24.01.2012 New ISO-Certification of Ceramic Polymer GmbH!

  Beside our ceramic-filled premium coating systems, which already have a great significance on international corrosion protection market, our innovative new dev[more]

18.11.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Winterproof coating system for concrete and steel substrates

  Our unique product Proguard CN-1M V12 W4 is a   new coating system for winterly temperatures up to -10°C:   sprayable texture potlife: approx. 120 minutes [more]

31.10.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Dramatic adhesion to stainless steel by application of Proguard CN-OC

  During Summer of 2011, Ceramic Polymer GmbH launched an innovative, solvent-free coating product with extremely high protective properties. Extensive test seri[more]

15.08.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Extensive renewal of 2 hygienisation tanks - EWE biogas plant in Werlte/Germany

    Since 1980 company Reinken is an experienced partner for blasting and coating techniques. Beside different blasting methods Reinken specializes in extremely [more]

15.08.2011 Ceramic Polymer - Coatings for biogas plants:

Personal experiences - Interview with local biogas plant operator[more]

15.08.2011 Ceramic Polymer: Application directly on concrete: Proguard CN-1M

Chemical resistance against aggressive biomass![more]

15.07.2011 Ceramic Polymer - coatings for offshore applications:

Extensive product range for maritime individuality![more]

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