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01.12.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Repairing and external coating of concrete-transporter - CEMEX, Egypt

? ? The cement producer CEMEX was founded in 1906 in Mexico and expanded to a worldwide leading company for building materials. The company group is represente[more]

01.12.2010 Ceramic Polymer: External coating of 78 coupling elements for syngas-pipelines in China

The company Fine First Decor in Vlotho/Germany is specialized on particular coating systems. Environmentally friendly coating products, which provide sound absor[more]

01.11.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Drinking water approved internal coating of huge pure water storage tank - waterworks Burkersdorf/Germany

? ? The waterworks Burkersdorf in Saxony/Germany was constructed in 1982. Two bulk vessels for pure water are part of this facility. The steel jacket tanks hav[more]

01.10.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Slug catcher for gas-pipeline: internal coating with Proguard CN100 LV-2

? ? ? Regarding the global climate change, natural gas as low-emission energy becomes increasingly important. According to experts, natural gas will repla[more]

01.08.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of underground fuel tanks - CGH Nordic A/S, Denmark

? ? ? ? CGH Nordic A/S is located since 2006 in Olholm, Denmark and sells underground tank installations for different kinds of fuel (benzine, diesel, biodie[more]

01.08.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Storage tanks for transformer-oil for hydropower plant in Novodnistrovsk/Ukraine

? ? The river "Dniester" flows with a total length of 1352 kilometers through Ukraine and Moldova until it leads into the Black Sea. Near the city Novodnistrov[more]

01.07.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of high silo installations for de-icing salt - Andernach/Germany

? ? The public utility company in Andernach/Germany operates high silo installations for de-icing salt and other fine-grained bulk solids. After adequate sandb[more]

01.07.2010 Ceramic Polymer GmbH - Certification according to ISO 9001:2008

? ? We are certified! ? ? The quality management of Ceramic Polymer GmbH fulfills all demands in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Customer satisfaction [more]

01.05.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Saudi Aramco - Approval according to Saudi Aramco standard

? ? Saudi Aramco is the worldwide biggest oil production company. 525 million tons of crude oil are produced annually, with the Ghawar oil field Saudi Aramco h[more]

01.05.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of production reactors for lubricant additives

? The Lubrizol Corporation owns production facilities in 27 countries and is specialized in fabrication of engine oils, driveline lubricants and pharmaceutical[more]

01.04.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Certificates for offshore drinking water installations - Norway

? ? The Norwegian Institute of Public Health "Folkehelseinstituttet FHI" in Oslo tested our certified products Ceramic-Polymer SF/LF and Proguard CN 200 under sp[more]

01.04.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating for flue gas scrubber - SACMI-Group, Imola/Italy

? ? The SACMI-Group is an international manufacturer of maschines and production facilities for different industries, for example ceramic products, foodstuffs [more]

01.04.2010 Ceramic Polymer: ADWEA-Project - Waste water treatment plants in Abu Dhabi/United Arabian Emirates

? ? The Middle East located pan-Arabian corporate group "Kharafi National" provides a wide range of engineering and construction of individual infrastructure f[more]

01.03.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Extension of the lock "Kaiserschleuse" - Europe's biggest building project

? ? In 1897 the historical lock "Kaiserschleuse" opened in Bremerhaven/Germany after four years of construction. At that time it was by far the largest lock of[more]

01.03.2010 Ceramic Polymer: Offshore Monobuoy in Gibraltar/Spain

? ? The refinery "Gibraltar-San Roque" of the Spanish company CEPSA was built in Algeciras in 1965. Together with two other company-owned refineries 20 million[more]

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