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10.12.2018 11:38 Age: 3 yrs

15 Dump trailers coated with PROGUARD CN-1M – durable protection for aluminum construction

Up to now, our high-performance coating PROGUARD CN-1M was used for 15 special dump trailers from OptiTwin GmbH, manufacturer of utility vehicle for agriculture industry. The highly resistant internal coating was applied by our experiences partner, Reinken Company for blasting and coating technology located in Garrel/Germany. PROGUARD CN-1M provides long-term protection for the aluminum substrates against enfluences of liquid manure and solid animal residues.

The specific dump truck ”OptiTwin“ has an integrated tank and offers the possibility to carry both solid animal waste as well as liquid manure; that facilitates an efficient use at long distance transports to extensive arable areas and biogas plants.

The company Reinken, long-time partner for application of our products, conducts the spraying works in both tank units thoroughly and professionally in spite of very confined space conditions.

PROGUARD CN-1M is applied by airless spraying method directly on the prepared substrate. Dependent on different request parameters, it can be applied in one ore multiple layers (wet-on-wet). In this case two layers of 250 μm each are built up wet-on-wet. Sensible areas such as welding seams and edges are particularly protected by
pre-coating with hand tools.

Beside high-grade resistance against the aggressive, highly corrosive solid and liquid media the smooth surface texture of our premium coating PROGUARD CN-1M enables fast and efficient slipping of the solids during the tilting process.


Coating project: 15 dump trailer with integrated tank unit
Length of the trailer: 13 m
Volume liquid load: 26 m³
Volume solid load: 50 m³
Coating product: PROGUARD CN-1M
Product requirements: Resistances against slurry and abrasion

Picture left: Preparation: The aluminum substrate is blasted according to purity level of minimum SA 2,5 with a roughness profile of 100-120 μm.

Picture right: Finish: PROGUARD CN-1M is applied in two layers of 250 μm each.

Product advantages of PROGUARD CN-1M

• Excellent resistance to chemicals and organic residues
• High protection against corrosion and abrasion on different substrates
• Temperature stability up to 150 °C
• Available in diverse viscosities - for individual application requirements

PROGUARD CN-1M is applied directly on the blasted substrate. Beside long-term corrosion prevention the smooth surface provides a fast slipping of solid material and viscid fluids from both tank units.

Here is the download of this reference report (PDF) ...

Our partner for competent blasting and coating techniques:

Norbert Reinken

1.te Strahl- und Beschichtungstechnik
Hinterm Forde 6
DE-49681 Garrel / Germany

Telefon: +(49) 4474 / 947 400


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