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CP-Synthofloor series: Antistatic Flooring with Anti-Skid Function for Pharmaceutical Company in Milano/Italy

Milano/Italy: After an operation time of 7 years, the industrial floor of a pharmaceutical company showed heavy damages due to high mechanical stress and chemical influences. The efficient CP-Synthofloor systems were chosen for the durable protection of the floor area. Further demands regarding antistatic and anti-skid properties and could be achieved by this specific product line.

The requirements to functional flooring within the pharaceutical sector are very high. Chemical resistance and load capacity are mandatory for industrial floors. For this project the customer demanded also antistatic properties and aditionally the feature of a skid-proof surface. Chesterton International GmbH delivered a compatible complete system of primer, coatings and topcoat to satify the customer‘s needs.

The surface preparation and application of these specific flooring systems was conducted by the company Uniresine srl, located in Cirié/Italy. The laying and connection of the copper bands always has to be carried out by an electrician to achieve safe antistatic function.

Chesterton Complete Flooring System (Modules 1-7)

Complete Flooring Module System for antistatic and anti-skid properties

1. Primer = CP-Synthofloor BETA 8016 (insulation barrier)

2. Scratchcoat = CP-Synthofloor BETA 8016

3. Copper Tape connecting by earthing

4. Conductive Layer = CP-Synthofloor 8860 LS-AS

5. A.S. Layer
= CP-Synthofloor 8460 A.S.

6. Broadcasted SIC (Silicon Carbide) approx. 4 kg/m

7. A.S. Topcoat Layer = CP-Synthofloor 8481 A.S.

Working steps for a professional application of antistatic and anti-skid floorings

Module 1-3:
Our product CP-Synthofloor BETA 8016 was applicated as a primer so seal the concrete and also as
scratchcoat to even the surface. Next step was the laying and connection of copper tape.

Module 4:
CP-Synthofloor 8860 LS-AS – the conductive layer – was applied by roller. This intermediate coating
shows a resistance value of
1 - 5 x 10³Ω.

Module 5:
Now the product CP-Synthofloor 8460 A.S. was applied - a system with electrostatically conductive
polymer structures. This product o ers high mechanical and chemical resistances.

Module 6:
SIC (Silicon Carbid) was spreading all over the wet coating to achieve skid-proof properties with maintaining the conductivity;  approx. 4 kg per sqare meter were used.

Module 7:
The topcoat CP-Synthofloor 8481 A.S. is a special conductive product for areas with risk of explosion. It provides very high chemical and mechanical resistances, the average value of electrical resistance RE is < 109Ω  for non-slip surfaces.

For the upper  oor area, our product CP-Synthofloor 8460 A.S. was applied in color tomato red. Within this production area there was no request of additionally skid-proof surface propterties. Thus, the system modules no. 1-5 were conducted.

Here is the download of this reference report (PDF) ...

Our Partners in Italy:

Chesterton Roma srl
Mr. Ing. Franco Spazzolini
Italy Coating Division Manager

Phone.: +39 (0)348 9971683

Uniresine srl

Mr. Ghorbanali
Strada Coasso
IT-10073 Cirié/Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)11 997 8635

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