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06.01.2020 08:43 Age: 268 days

65 Pipes at a big wastewater plant in Poland protected against abrasion and chemical infl uences

The wastewater treatment plant in Warsaw, one of the biggest in Central Europe, has daily capacity of 500.000 m. Until 2021, the capacity is to be doubled. Within this huge expansion and refurbishment project, 65 huge pipelines were coated with our products PROGUARD CN 200 and CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF to achieve a durable corrosion protection.

The former installed supply pipes of high quality stainless steel showed heavy crystalline corrosion due to longstanding contact with raw sewage. It contains chlorides, which even destroy the protective passive layer of stainless steel.

The plant operators decided to use carbon steel pipes and apply high-class coatings to prevent them from corrosion damages. O ers were requested from 5 coating manufacturers; product properties were compared. Convincing by various application cases within the  eld of wastewater our solvent-free coating systems PROGUARD CN 200 as chemical resistant internal coating and CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF as reliable external coating were selected
for this large project.

The huge pipes are presently built into the sewage plant. In March 2020, the new components will be taken into service. For the enduring protection of the pipelines, about 3.7 tons of coating material was applied.

Technical Details

Project: Coating of carbon steel pipes for sewage plant in Poland

Quanitity/Size: 65 pipelines with diameters up to 2 meters, lengths up to 6 meters

Coating products: PROGUARD CN 200 - internal; Ceramic-Polymer SF/LF - external

Even at high chemical loads: Durable corrosion protection by only one layer

The ceramic  lled internal coating PROGUARD CN 200 facilitates a uniform and immaculate
coat with only one pass by airless spraying. Even at aggressively chemical exposure of the raw sewage one layer of 500 m already contributes essentially to a long-lasting service life of the pipes. PROGUARD CN 200 is the ideal choice for the whole range of waste water engineering.

High-performance protection layer against environmental in uences

CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF is suitable as internal and external coating for di erent tanks or
pipelines. Considerably stability against environmental impacts provides protection in
humid and industrial atmospheres. The product o ers high abrasion resistance and adhesion
properties. It is also applied in only one layer by airless spraying method. Within this project
a layer thickness of 300 μm was enough for comprehensive protection
Coated pipes and holder before assemblyAfter assembly the welding seams were additionally coated on site with a
protective layer
Here is the download of this reference report (PDF) ...

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