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20.05.2020 10:53 Age: 153 days

External and Internal Coating of Industrial Water Tank in Italian Refinery with Ceramic-Polymer Brand Products

South Italy / Silicy: For an Italian refinery, a huge tank for industrial water was  protected externally and internally with Ceramic-Polymer Brand coatings. The customer selected our 1-layer-systems because they provide comprehensive corrosion protection at minimum application costs; the tank withstands the influences from corrosive industrial water and aggressive environmental conditions for many years.

The refurbishment of the huge industrial water tank was conducted with our sucessful surface tolerant coating products, which deliver with only 1 layer reliable corrosion protection for demanding scopes of application – that signifies essential advantages in comparison to multi-layered coatings.

Our efficient premium coatings CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP and CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV are applied easily by airless spraying method or conventional handtools. Both products are qualified for high internal and external protection requirements. In combination with our A1-Topcoat PROGUARD 169 (37) we provide corrosion control on highest level.


Project: External and internal coating of tank for industrial water

Coated area: 3.150 m2

Coating products and layer thicknesses:

Internal: Ceramic-Polymer STP-EP-HV; 500 μm

External: Ceramic-Polymer STP-EP; 200 μm Proguard 169(37); 70 μm


is the „high viscosity“ version of our high-performance STP-EPseries. This surface tolerant two pack ceramic composite epoxy coating provides reliable corrosion protection with
high chemical resistance and abrasion stability. The product can be simply applied by airless spraying in one thick layer to achieve comprehensive protection properties at
minimum application costs. For this project one layer of 500 μm was applied to obtain durable resistance against the industrial water.

External prime coat: CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP

our thin-film coating offers long-lasting corrosion protection for extremely aggressive atmospheres. It features the perfect anti-corrosive basis for high-quality topcoats. For
the protection of the water tank, only one layer of 200 μm was applied by airless spraying method. After a few hours of curing the area could be overcoated with our Topcoat.
External finishing: PROGUARD 169 (37)

is a 2-component highly-crosslinked polyurethane coating. Our Topcoat provides resistances according to ISO 12944-2, corrosivity class C5. Therefore, it is the ideal product for demanding industrial environments. PROGUARD 169 (37) is available in RAL and NCS colors, it can be applied in one thin layer and shows fast curing. In this case a layer of 70 μm was applied by airless spraying.
Here is the download of this reference report (PDF) ...

Our Partner in Italy:

Chesterton Roma srl
Mr. Ing. Franco Spazzolini (Italy Coating Division Manager)

Phone: +39 (0)348 9971683


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