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External Coating of Filter Vessels for Demineralization Process – durable Corrosion Protection with ARC and CP Coatings

Czech Republic: Ško-Energo, company for power supply of a well-known car manufacturer, uses special filter vessels for the demineralization of water. The corrosion protection of the tanks was insufficient; the conventional standard top coatings failed after a short life time of 2-3 years. To achieve a long-term reliable corrosion prevention, high-performace products of ARC and CP coating lines were applied.

The demineralization tanks showed heavy corrosion damages due to the chemically aggressive atmosphere and constant condensing humitity on the cold tank surfaces.
The challenge for this coating application was to achieve reliable protection without an extensive preparation of the substrate. Mostly, high-end coatings require a surface cleaned and roughened by sand blasting, which was not possible inside the building of our customer.

The solution was presented with CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV; it is a surface tolerant system which features excellent corrosion protection with moderate substrate preparation. Therefore, the surface treatment could be conducted by Sponge-Jet blasting - a dry
and low-dust abrasive cleaning method.
After this preliminary work, CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV was simply applied by handtools. The recommended layer thickness is 250 μm.

Together with our thick-film epoxy compound ARC 858(E) for the rebuilding of damaged surfaces and the topcoat PROGUARD 169 (37) Ško-Energo obtained comprehensive and long-term value preservation for their filter vessels. With our products the tanks are in mint condition by efficient refurbishment.


1. Sponge-Jet blasting =
Removal of rust and old coating, roughening of substrate

2. ARC 858(E) = Rebuilding of heavily corroded areas

3. CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV = long-term protection layer with
anti-corrosive properties

4. PROGUARD 169 (37) = resistant topcoat, available in lots of colors

After Jet-Sponge blasting, ARC 858(E) – our ceramic reinforced thick-film coating – was used for the smoothing and filling of the corroded areas. This industrial product is designed to rebuild damaged metal surfaces and provides excellent abrasion resistance.

It can be overcoated with ARC or CP protective coatings; in that combination it features a long-lasting upgrade and reliable corrosion protection for new and old storage tanks as well as technical equipment. ARC 858(E) is easily applied by trowel.

Next step was the application of our high-performance coating CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV. This product offers outstanding corrosion and abrasion protection in aggressive environments.

Due to its high resistance against chemicals and humidity, CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV preserve the tanks effectively from corrosion effects by the existing chemical vapors and moist atmosphere. The coating can be applied by airless spraying method or by brush or roller.

CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV is also available as convenient cartridge system; a clean and economical coating solution for repairs, small areas and areas which
are difficult to reach.

PROGUARD 169 (37) is a 2-component highly-crosslinked polyurethane coating. Our Topcoat provides long lasting resistances according to ISO 12944-2, corrosivity class C5. Thus, it is used in industrial environments with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres – the ideal Topcoat for this demanding project.

PROGUARD 169 (37) is available in RAL and NCS colors, it can be applied in one thin layer by airless spraying or handtools and shows fast curing. In this project a layer of 70 μm was applied by roller and brush.
Please download this reference report (PDF) ...

Our Partner in Czech Republic:


Mr. Roman Vrkoslav (Specialista IL/ARC)

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