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02.09.2020 10:30 Age: 1 year

Effective Border for Chemicals: Coating of Secondary Containment Area for Chemical Company in Italy

North Italy: The existing tank pits in a chemical and pharma company were heavily damaged; the crude concrete substrate was exposed for years to the harsh influences of weathering and chemical contact. Thus, the concrete cracked and showed substantial erosion defects – high time to build a functional secondary barrier.

At filling and reloading points of pharma companies and other chemical industry sectors a safe secondary containment system is essential. Tanks and basins with hazardous substances, no matter if they are outdoors or within a storage building, need a chemical resistant leakage protection.

Our partner „Uniresine srl“ conducted the restoration of the tank pits. The area was cleaned and the damaged concrete surfaces were built up new. The application passes of our different coating systems were carried out with conventional hand tools.


Project: Coating of concrete catch basins in a chemical/pharma

Tank contents: Toluol and other solvents

Area: 400 m² (300 m
² of  floors, 100 m² of walls)

Product requirements: Chemical resistance against storage substances,
abrasion stability and non-skid texture

Application of our protection systems –
the working steps for safe function and long-term preservation of the concrete tank pits

Firstly, the concrete substrate is primed with our CP-SYNTHOFLOOR 8010 by addition of quartz sand.The walls are protected in one step; our top coating PROGUARD CN-1M is applied directly.
An intermediate layer is applied on the floor. CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV provides an excellent adhesion to the substrate as well as high resistances
to abrasion and chemicals.

To obtain a skid-proof structure, „Uniresine“ scatters plenty of quartz sand on the wet area. After drying, lose sand is removed.

Now PROGUARD CN-1M is applied as top coat. This high-performance coating is especially designed for extremely aggressive environments – it o ers  rst-class chemical resistance and abrasion stability. Therefore, durable value preservation of the tank pits is achieved.

The slip-resistant surface is clearly visible.
Please download this reference report (PDF) ...

Our Partner in Italy:

Uniresine srl
Mr. Ghorbanali

Via Raimondo Franchetti 10/12
IT-10073 Ciriè/Italy

Phone: +39 (0)11 20 71 390
Mobile: +39 34 57 30 16 99

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