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Our PROGUARD Product series: Long-term Protection for Outdoor Pools and Storage Tanks for Swimming Pool Water

The PROGUARD Product series is used in various projects for the full range of „swimming pools“. Coarse concrete substrates turn in a few steps to durably esthetic pools, also indoor storage tanks provide reliable functionality. Our partner, Strohbeck GmbH from Kernen-Stetten/Germany, primarily employs our systems for extensive applications of this kind.

Coatings, which are being applied in pools and tanks for chlorinated water, have to provide different resistance properties. For constant operation the waterproof sealing to the concrete substrate is equally important as a reliable stability against chlorine. For pools a good resistance to UV radiation is furthermore requested.


Project 1: Swimming pool/baby pool – Waiblingen/Germany

Primer - CP-SYNTHOFLOOR 8010
Coating - PROGUARD CN 200 white/blue
Topcoat - PROGUARD 169 (PTC) white/blue

Project 2:
4 storage tanks for swimming pool water - Public indoor pool DINamare, Dinslaken/Germany

Volume: 33-50 m3


Primer - CP-SYNTHOFLOOR 8010
Coating - PROGUARD CN 200 in blue
Putty/grout - PROGUARD CN 200-THIX, grey
Topcoat - PROGUARD CN 200 in blue

Application of our protection systems in the pools

Initially, a layer of our primer CP-SYNTHOFLOOR 8010 is applied with conventional hand tools to saturate the concrete. After curing the surface was mechanically roughened to obtain an anchorage profile for the following layer of our premium coating PROGUARD CN 200. This product is applied effectively by airless spraying method. Finally, our topcoat PROGUARD 169 (PTC) was sprayed on the area. It offers excellent resistance against UV radiation as well as high-grade chemical stability and is available in diverse color ranges. PROGUARD 169 (PTC) shows an extremely smooth and nonporous surface texture; thus a comfortable character of the pool walls is provided which meets a long-lasting high level of quality.
Protection of concrete tanks for the storage of pool water
Within the building of the public indoor pool DINamare in Dinslaken/Germany, 4 huge concrete tanks are used as intermediate storage for chlorine pool water. Here, Strohbeck GmbH also prepared the rough concrete with our primer CP-SYNTHOFLOOR 8010 before the coating
PROGUARD CN 200 was applied by airless spraying. For the closure of shrink holes in the large-pored concrete our grout material PROGUARD CN 200-THIX was partially applied. Afterwards, one more thin film of PROGUARD CN 200 completed the optimum layer structure. Therefore, perfect sealing to the substrate is achieved; the concrete is not impaired by the chlorine water.

Please download this reference report (PDF) ...

Our Partner for professional surface protection:

Strohbeck GmbH

Mercedesstraße 14
DE-71394 Kernen-Stetten/GERMANY

Phone: +49 (0) 71 51 - 9 49 15 0


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