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Coating of Cooling Water Pumps in Gas Power Plant in South Italy – Efficient Protection for decade-long Service

South Italy: The electricity and gas supplier „EDISON“ is one of the largest energy companies in Europe. For the delivery of cooling water, vertical turbine pumps are used, which are up to 20 years in operation. „Sinergo Service“, our partner and general contractor on this project, selected Chesterton coatings for the refurbishment of these pumps.

„Sinergo Service“ has been operating in industry for 25 years, providing succesfully marine spare parts, engineering and service on mechanical equipment like pumps, compressors, valves and sealings.

To maintain the performance of the pump housings, our coating CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP-HV is applied by simple airless spraying or with hand tools. This product offers a reliable, durable resistance against seawater and its mechanical friction. Moreover,
the 1-layer application and the fast curing times simplify the handling and enables a rapid return to service of the pumps or other machine components

Technical Details

Project: Coating of 4 cooling water pumps
Type of pumps: Vertical turbine pumps
Product for pump housing: Ceramic-Polymer STP-EP-HV
Product for base plates: ARC 858(E) zum Aufbau; ARC 855(E) als Deckbeschichtung
Product requirement: Resistenzen gegen Seewasser und Abrieb
Application method: Manuell mit Handwerkzeugen

Refurbishment of the base plate with ARC products

The base plate showed severe corrosion damage and material erosion due to mechanical vibration. In this case, the surface was rebuilt with ARC 858(E). This product – a ceramicreinforced thick-film protection system – is suitable for the effective restoration of metal surfaces that are heavily exposed to erosion, corrosion as well as mechanical and mild chemical stress. Our premium coating ARC 855(E) was used as top coat. This product has an abrasion-resistant surface and thus considerably extends the service life of the pump components. Both coating products are applied with conventional hand tools.

The result – prepared for decade-long service

Equipped with an absolutely resistant protective coating, the pumps can be used for up to 20 years of operation in contact with seawater.

Our coating systems provide an excellent protection against abrasion, cavitation as well as serious erosion and corrosion damage. The versatile Chesterton portfolio o ers highly chemical resistant, temperature-resistant and moisture-tolerant coatings that are ideal for submersible pumps, submersible motors and turbines.

Are you searching for comprehensive corrosion protection for industrial process components?

Our expert team gladly supports you with high-performance coatings and goal-oriented consulting!

Our Partners in Italy:

Sinergo Service S.r.l.
Via Fontevivo, 21/i
IT-19125 La Spezia SP
Phone: +39 (0)187 514284

Chesterton Italia S.r.l.
Mr. Ing. Franco Spazzolini
Italy Coating Division Manager
Phone: +39 (0)348 9971683

Chesterton Split Seal 442:

Chesterton Split Seal Technology improves Reliability and extends the Performance of Vertical Turbine Pumps

Within this pump coating project in Italy, Chesterton Split Seals 442 have also been installed to improve the performance and efficiency of the pumps. A split seal has components split into two halves which are secured as one unit on the seal shaft. The major advantage of the split seal design is that it allows you to install the seal with no dismantling of the pump (or equipment) – an enormous time-saver!

The Chesterton 442 split seal is ideal for equipment that is difficult and time-consuming to disassemble, such as large pumps, vertical pumps, and horizontal split case pumps. This proven, compact design can be used in a wide variety of equipment and process fluids.

The patented, high-performance split technology allows the 442 to operate from vacuum to high pressures. Designed with the installer in mind, the ball-and-socket O-Rings provide a quick and easy leak-free seal without the use of adhesives. Captive screws cannot fall out, making installation straightforward and reliable.

Benefits of Chesterton 442 Split Seals

• Installation with no dismantling of the pump
• No more leakages
• Clean and safe environment
• Better energy comsumption, due to less friction
• No sleeve damage
• Reduce ongoing maintenance costs
• Easy and reliable installation
• Available in large diameters

For specific questions regarding Chesterton Sealing Technology, please get in contact with:

Ing. Lorenzo Vettori | Italy Sealing Devices Division Manager
Chesterton Italia Srl. | Via Amatrice 15 - 00199 Roma |
Tel. 06 86203721 | Mobile : +39 3409623989 |

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