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Indoor Firewater Basins in Factories and large Buildings − Longterm Protection with PROGUARD CN 200

Large residential buildings or factories need sufficient storage of fire extinguishing water in case of emergency. Our partner „Strohbeck GmbH“ protects the indoor concrete tanks with our coatings − providing a durable, effective protection against the large volumes of water.

Concrete fire water and sprinkler tanks for large buildings require reliable protection against leaks. Uncoated concrete becomes porous due to the massive exposure to water. In order to prevent the concrete from damage and to provide long-lasting protection, indoor concrete tanks should be coated with a suitable protection system.

Our partner „Strohbeck GmbH“ is continuously conducting coating applications for indoor concrete tanks - whether new construction or renewal. The company has extensive experiences in surface protection. For many years, „Strohbeck GmbH“ primarily uses our coating systems. The performance and ease of application convinced this specialist company!

Ongoing Projects: Coating of concrete or steel tanks for extinguishing and sprinkler water

Project shown on the pictures: Indoor fire water tank in a textile factory

Tank capicity: 585.000 liters

Product requirements: Permanent protection of the concrete against porosity and damage

Application of our protection systems –
Step by step to the concrete surfaces

Picture left: The concrete surfaces are prepared using a dustfree technology. Blowholes and fixing holes are covered with a high-quality filler.

Picture right: Firstly, the concrete substrate is primed with our base coat CP-SYNTHOFLOOR 8010. Quartz sand is sprinkled onto the wet layer, which forms an anchoring profile for the following layer. Floor unevennesses are levelled by an additional scratch
coat (primer enriched with quartz sand).
Our versatile coating PROGUARD CN 200 is easily applied by airless spray. Due to its high sagging limit, PROGUARD CN 200 can also be sprayed on vertical surfaces with a layer thickness of 1000 μm − this allows applications in just one coat and one pass, even for complex surfaces. The coating cures completely within a few days; the tank can be filled and put into operation rapidly.

Please download our Reference Report (PDF) ...

Our partner for professional surface protection:

Strohbeck GmbH

Mercedesstraße 14
DE-71394 Kernen-Stetten / Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 71 51 - 9 49 15 0

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