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Coating of Lock Gates and further Components of Corumana Dam in Mozambique

Mozambique: The Corumana dam at the river sabie was started operating in 1990. Due to the civil war and financial limitations, the works were not completed and the floodgates could not be installed. Last summer, the corroded lock gates and further components were refurbished with our high-performance coatings and were finally built-in. Now the metal parts of the dam are prepared for durable use in the water.

By the installation of the lock gates, the storage capicity of the Corumana dam could be increased from 720 million to 1.25 billion cubic meters, which is a high contribution for the production of more food in this area of Maputo province in Mozambique.

The changing humid climate (wet and dry seasons with high temperatures) in Mozambique as well as the constant contact with the water accelerate corrosion of metal componants. Furthermore, the parts of the dam are exposed to high mechanical friction. Thus, best performance coating products were needed for this demanding field of application.

Our coating systems PROGUARD CN 200 and PROGUARD 169 (37) provide high-grade resistances and outstanding physical properties. The products were applied by airless spraying method or conventional handtools.


Gates, linkages, lashing strips, gate wheels: 465 m²

Trash rack grapple: 346 m²

Jet valve: 59 m²

Radial gate, wheels, suspension systems: 25 m²

Coated lock gate, upstream side

Coated lock gate, downstream side
PROGUARD CN 200 und PROGUARD 169 (37) - Corrosion Protection
on highest Level

All metal components were equipped with PROGUARD CN 200, our premium epoxy
coating for reliable and durable protection against corrosion in aggressive marine and industrial environments. The parts, which are exposed to air and sunlight where additonally coated with PROGUARD 169 (37). Our topcoat features high protective properties in accordance with ISO 12944-2, corrosivity class C5.

Coated gate with refurbished lashing strip

Coated suspension system link

Coated radial gate

Coated external hood of jet valve

Refurbished grapple of trash rack
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