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22.03.2018 11:15 Age: 2 yrs

Ceramic Polymer: External coating of a huge universal tank in Czech Republic

Czech Republic: The external coating of the large tank, which is part of a well-known car manufacturing company, was renovated effectively with our products CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP and PROGUARD169(37). The combination of our primer and top coat provides beside a simple application a durable protection against corrosion – even at extremely corrosive environmental conditions.

The tank has a height of 25 meters and is used within the car factory as a universal tank for different substances. The former condition of the tank required a complete renovation of the steel casing and the concrete base.

First of all, the steel was prepared for the application of the coating by sandblasting according to purity level Sa2.5. Afterwards our protective coating CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP was applied in a thin layer of 180 μm by airless spraying. The top coat PROGUARD 169(37) features already with a layer of only 70 μm a long-term weather resistance.

Project: External coating of storage tank, refurbishment of concrete base
Size of the tank: 25 m height, 30 m diameter
Area external coating: 3.150 m²
Area concrete renovation: 89
Coating products: CERAMIC-POLYMER STP-EP + PROGUARD 169(37)
Layers thicknesses: 180 μm + 70 μm = 250 μm DFT gesamt
Expected service life: More than 15 years

Picture left: The roof area was prepared by sandblasting pursuant to purity level Sa2.5.

Picture right: Roof with applied coating and top coat.
Picture left: A thin layer of both coating and top coat was simply applied by airless spraying.

Picture right: Renovated tank; durable protection against corrosive influences of industrial environments.

Our external coatings for comprehensive protection under hardest conditions

is a surface tolerant two pack ceramic composite epoxy coating

This product offers a reliable corrosion protection, excellent abrasion resistance as well as a high chemical resistance. Thereby, it is perfectly suitable as prime coat for external application in extremely aggressive atmospheres.

PROGUARD 169(37)
is a 2-component highly-crosslinked polyurethane top coat

Our finishing coat provides beside long-term resistances against UV radiation and weather conditions an outstanding color stability.
This product is applied in one layer and cures fast. It also features a high chemical resistance. Thus, our system is used for typical scopes and also very harsh environments.

Please download this reference report (PDF) ...

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