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Our Concrete Protection Systems feature durable functionality and esthetics for indoor pool

The company Strohbeck GmbH from Kernen-Stetten/Germany is specified on complex surface protection for different industries. Whether renovation or new coating for storage tanks of steel or concrete, industrial floors or swimming pools – our partner conducts all kinds of coating applications with competent knowledge and advanced technology. Oftentimes Strohbeck GmbH uses our corrosion protection products,
since they satisfy by simple treatment and long service life.

Concrete protection systems for swimming pools have to fulfill special requirements. Firstly, they build a reliable barrier and protect the concrete from humidity. Moreover, resistances against constantly elevated water temperatures and chlorine influences are demanded. A smooth surface and esthetic appeal are important aspects as well.

Application of the primer
In preparation for the coating the concrete was grinded, built up and smoothed with fine plaster. Subsequently, the company Strohbeck applied our prime coat CP-Synthofloor BETA 8016 with a conventional roll. On the moisture surface quartz was scattered generously, after curing of the primer the loose sand was brushed off. Therefore, an anchorage profile for the effective adhesion of the following coating is created.


Project: Coating on concrete indoor pool
Coating products:
- CP-Synthofloor BETA 8016 (800 g/m²)
- PROGUARD CN 200, lightgrey (1 kg/m²)
- PROGUARD CN 200, white (800 g/m²)

Application of the protective coating by airless spraying process
PROGUARD CN 200 was applied in two layers. The simple treatment by airless spraying enables a fast and cost-efficient application. The coating is reinforced with special micro ceramic particles to effectuate a supremely high impermeability. PROGUARD CN 200 is free
from solvents. Hence, no harmful volatile substances evaporate during the curing process. The product requirements for the pool sector, particularly resistances against abrasion and exposure to chlorine are fulfilled reliably through the high-quality physical properties of PROGUARD CN 200.

From rough concrete to a smooth surface
PROGUARD CN 200 shows an extremely smooth and nonporous surface texture; thus a comfortable character of the pool walls is provided which meets a long-lasting high level of quality.
Image top left: The grinded concrete is primed with CP-Synthofloor BETA 8016 and scattered with quartz sand.

Image top right: First coat of our product PROGUARD CN 200 in lightgrey, applied by airless spraying method.

Image bottom left: PROGUARD CN 200 in white color as 2nd coating layer facilitates a high-quality look of the pool.

Image bottom right: The coating material was applied in thicker layers to achieve a very smooth surface and thereby an increase of protection properties and esthetics.
Here is the download of this reference report (PDF) ...

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