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External coating of casing pipelines for oil platform in the North Sea − application area „Splash Zone“

„Wintershall“ is the biggest international operating German company for the oil and gas production. For an oil platform in the North Sea, 16 huge casing pipes for the demanding area of splash zone and fluctuating water level were coated with our product
CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF-3. The application of the coating was professionally conducted by „De Back Metaalconservering Groep“, our partner for the Netherlands.

Within the intertidal zone and splash zone the oxygen content of the sea water is increased due to currents and waves, which enormously accelerate the corrosion process. In addition, severe mechanical abrasion results from constantly flowing water. Therefore, it is essential to protect this section with an adequate coating system.

Our coating product CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF-3 provides with only one layer of 500 μm durable corrosion and abrasion protecton; the offshore-suitability was tested successfully according to the guidelines of ISO 20340.
Technical Details

Project: External coating of 16 casing pipes

Size of the pipelines:
Diameter of 76 cm, length of 12 m

Total area: 485 m² external coating

Coating product: CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF-3

Product requirements:
Excellent abrasion resistance as well as stability against sea water and salt-laden air

Application of the coating:
De Back Coating Services, Velsen-Noord / Netherlands

Comprehensive protection with simple application

Beside the excellent physical properties our solvent-free coating CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF-3 features a very simple treatment.

After blast cleaning (SA 2.5), the product is applied directly onto the steel by common airless spraying method. The ceramic fi lled coating system facilitates an uniform and immaculate coat. One layer of only 500 μm contributes essentially to a longlasting service life of the pipelines.

For more demanding product requirements or specifi cations CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF-3 can certainly be applied in thicker or multiple layers; the sagging limit for vertical use is a layer thickness of 1000 μm (for each coating pass, at 20°C material temperature).

Product Advantages of CERAMIC-POLYMER SF/LF-3
• superior abrasion resistance
• excellent chemical resistance
• temperature stability up to 150°C
• long-lasting corrosion protection
• 1-layer-system
• short curing times
• free from solvents
• off shore-suitable; Test according to ISO 20340 (Performance requirements for protective paint systems for off shore and related structures)
Here is the download of this reference report (PDF) ...

Our Partner for the Netherlands:

De Back Metaalconservering Groep/
De Back Coating Services BV

Rooswijkweg 271
NL-1951 ME Velsen-Noord / Netherlands
Phone: +31(0) 2 51 26 80 20

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