Our highest performance coatings - outstanding chemical resistance


We at Chesterton International GmbH are constantly working on new and further developments of our high quality coating products in order to provide an extended and versatile product range. Recently, in cooperation with an independent research institute, we generated novel protective systems which feature high-grade resistance against aggressive chemicals at elevated operating temperatures.


Our innovative, solvent-free 2-component coatings with silanized high-tech micro and nano particle filling are based on the newest multifunctional and hybrid epoxy novolac resins. These coating systems are specifically devised for extremely aggressive environments.


By the combination of selected, highly functional fillers and different resin systems, we achieve the outstanding chemical resistance. We use organic and nonmetallic hard materials. These porous structures enable the tight anchoring of the resin, soaking into all porosities of the particles, thus enhancing the inner texture. The employed pure organic fillers are optimally compatible with the organic resins. PTFE-additives increase the resistance properties and facilitate the tight cross linking of the polymer chains. Furthermore, we utilize specific molecules, which show an affine behavior towards metal. They adhere strongly to the metal, inducing a perfect adhesion by dissolving residual oxides!



For the maximum protection - our premium coatings for stainless steel


In furthering our product developments, we have generated premium coatings for stainless steel substrates. The most remarkable properties of these coatings are their superior chemical resistance and phenomenal adhesion strength. These innovative coating systems are intended for special applications with highest requirements in which stainless steel is insufficient on its own. Hence, Chesterton International GmbH provides coatings with considerable capabilities which differentiate themselves clearly from other available products on the market.



Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of storage tanks for hot glycols

Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of storage tanks for various acids Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating for tank for hot fatty acids

Ceramic Polymer: Internal and external coating of process tanks for aggressive bio fuels

Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of exit flues of chemical plant




The new Ceramic Polymer coating products provide outstanding properties:


extreme adhesion > 30 N/mm²

excellent chemical resistance against hot acids and alkaline solutions

excellent chemical resistance against hot corrosive gases

simple and solvent-free application by airless methods

direct application without previous use of a primer



We draw the line for chemicals - Secondary Containment


For aggressive chemicals a safe secondary barrier is essential. Tanks and basins with hazardous substances, no matter if they are outdoors or within a storage building, need a chemical resistant leakage protection. Different substrates such as steel and concrete can be complemented with our systems to provide ultimate environmental protection. Our coating products improve even high quality drip pans of stainless steel to get a durably effective protection against chemicals.