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Ceramic Polymer Coatings for food and drinking water applications


Approved coating systems feature essential certitude


In our versatile product range we provide approved coating systems for the field of drinking water (German Standard approvals, European acceptance). We invest continuously in specific test series to guarantee the high quality and safety of our products for this scope of application.


Our approved coating systems feature the same advantages as our products for internal tank coating in the field of waste water and oil industry. Chemical resistance and thermal stability are relevant as well as high adhesion and abrasion resistance. These physical properties are performed by all Ceramic Polymer products comparably.


Our 1-material-concept signifies essential advantages in comparison to conventional multi-layered systems with anodic acting primers, which dissolve relatively quickly in case of damage and lead to failure of these systems (e.g. zinc-primer = sacrificial anode). These effects are avoided by using our coating systems, because they are applied directly on the substrate which is to be protected.




Ceramic Polymer: Internal and external coating of drinking water filters Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of aqua globe Ceramic Polymer: Coating of anaconda basin at a German zoo Ceramic Polymer: Coating for swimming pool
Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of swimming pool filters Ceramic Polymer: Coating of fish pond for exotic fishes




The necessary criteria of the German Federal Health Office are fulfilled in different groups. Thus, our products are usable in scope of drinking water (German standard KTW). They show for instance hardly verifiable chlorine absorption or release of substances, which would promote microbiological growth and impair the drinking water.


In other, month-long test series according to DVGW-W270, no abnormally microbial slime formation occurred on the coated surface. Hence, our certified products are applicable as internal coating for drinking water tanks and pipework, also in microbiological regards.


Our coating systems display safety for drinking water even at high operating temperatures up to 60°C, which is attested by extensive analysis of independent institutes.



Tests & Certificates of independent institutes


German standards - drinking water approval

DVGW-W270, growth of micro-organisms (bio film)

Drinking Water installations on- and offshore - Folkehelse, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo




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