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Unlimited scope for ultimate corrosion protection

The high performance coating systems of Chesterton International GmbH satisfy complex requirements and show extremely versatility in their field of application.

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Ceramic Polymer: Tanks und Rohrleitungen   Ceramic Polymer: Biokorrosion
Tanks and Pipelines
    Bio corrosion


Perfect functionality for tanks & vessels

Tanks for crude oil, hydrocarbons, chemicals




New Development!

Unique long-term protection against bio corrosion!

Ceramic Polymer: Biogas   Ceramic Polymer: Trinkwasser und Lebensmittel
Biogas   Drinking Water and Foodstuff

Highest efficiency for new building and renewal of biogas plants.

Approved coating systems feature elementary certitude.

Ceramic Polymer: Maritime Technik und Offshore-Anwendungen   Ceramic Polymer: Chemikalien
Maritime Techniques

Extensive products range for maritime individuality and Offshore applications.


For the maximum protection - our premium performance coatings.

Outstanding chemical resistance.

Ceramic Polymer: Betonschutz   Ceramic Polymer: Bodenbeschichtungen
Concrete Protection
  Flooring Systems

Our versatile corpes simple and direct - perfect functionality with a strong hold.


Our flooring systems safe, resilient, comfortable

Ceramic Polymer: Prozessteile/Prozesskomponenten

  Ceramic Polymer: Verschleissschutz für Maschinen und Prezesstanks

Machine Elements

  Wear Protection

Effective functionality for machine elements, pumps and rollers.


Highly wear-resistant - Our ultimate grout systems for machines and tanks.



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