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Chesterton International GmbH provides protective coatings for highest requirements!


The real corrosion protection - permanent, resistant, solvent-free


The Chesterton International GmbH produces high-performance coatings with integrated micro ceramic particles for different fields of application. The properties of the ceramic - chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and weathering stability - justify the high quality of our coating systems. By extra integration of microscopic special particles, we generate coating products which provide the highest protection properties.


Due to continuous and innovative development of our solvent-free coating systems we offer an extremely versatile product range which contains resistant coatings for the waste water and oil industry, approved systems for drinking water and food industry up to special products against chemical attack in biogas facilities. Furthermore, we set standards with our effective internal tank coating systems for aggressive chemicals. The Ceramic Polymer coatings can be used easily - they are applied directly by airless spraying methods on different substrates e. g. steel, stainless steel, aluminium, concrete, CFK and GFK.


We feature innovative coating solutions - consistent effort towards new and further developments of our products is a major part of our company philosophy. Certificates and results of extensive test series of independent research institutes prove the superiority and quality of our coating systems.



Direct on steel / direct on concrete - high performance without primer


The Ceramic Polymer coatings are applied directly on the blasted substrate without the previous use of a primer. In this way extreme adhesion is achieved. That signifies essential advantages in comparison to conventional multi-layered systems.



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     CP Coating Catalogues 2020
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Here you can download our new Catalogue with products certified in accordance with NORSOK M-501 (Edition 6-System 1 and System 7B)...
PRODUCT-NEWS + Reference-Reports

07-2020 Our PROGUARD Product series: Long-term Protection for Outdoor Pools and Storage Tanks for Swimming Pool Water

06-2020 Effective Border for Chemicals: Coating of Secondary Containment Area for Chemical Company in Italy

05-2020 External Coating of Filter Vessles for Demineralization Process - durable Corrosion Protection with ARC and CP Coatings

04-2020 External and Internal Coating of Industrial Water Tank in Italian Refinery with Ceramic-Polymer Brand Products

03-2020 Product Innovation at Chesterton International GmbH - Low VOC Concrete Primers for versatile Application

Market Launch

Corrosion Protection Made Easy!

High-Quality Cartridge Systems with Ceramic Polymer Coatings

To expand our service regarding surface protection we now offer efficient cartridge application for some selected products. We decided to implement the advanced Mixpac technology from the company Sulzer to simplify the complex coating application procedure significantly. An optimum solution for repairs, small projects or areas which are difficult to access!


Please download our interactive Catalogue about our Cartridge Systems

Other Languages:
FR / ES / IT / PL / CZ



August 2015

A. W. Chesterton acquires Ceramic Polymer GmbH

Two well-known manufacturers of high-performance coatings – one shared aim!

Ceramic Polymer GmbH aligned with the A. W. Chesterton Company.
The portfolios complete and improve each other; together, an extensive product range of coating systems and repair putties for the durable protection against corrosion and abrasion is provided. und






Product Advantages



Scopes of Application

highest corrosion protection

outstanding adhesion

extreme abrasion resistance

high resistance to impact

high bending flexibility

excellent chemical and thermal resistance

direct application on steel, stainless steel, concrete

high savings on application costs

easiest use

extreme durability



storage tanks for crude oil, hydrocarbons, chemicals

basins for drinking water and food

special tanks for urea, bio oils

biogas fermenters

digestion towers

production vessels of all kinds

waste water ponds

bridges and steel constructions

tubes and pipelines

swimming pool filters

maritime constructions e. g.

ships and offshore platforms

tanks and vessels on ships and offshore

sheet piles and harbour facilities

on- and offshore facilities and structures

jetties and singlebuoy mooring systems






Chesterton International GmbH helps suffering children with permanent sponsorships



For several years, Chesterton International GmbH supports the aid organizations "World Vision" and "Plan International" with durable sponsorships for suffering children in developing countries.


The supported children:

 Yeri Amelie, 8 years old, Burkina Faso

Odile, 15 years orld, Burkina Faso

Fabricio, 8 years old, Peru

Amina, 17 years old, Ethiopia

Abrar Nader, 2 years old, Sudan



Picture: Plan International



Through the sponsorships, the children and their families get enough food, medical care and adequate education. We gladly pay the monthly donation to help and we are impressed by the work of the aid organizations.


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