Ceramic Polymer flooring systems - safe, resilient, comfortable

The requirements to functional floor coating systems for different industrial, medical and laboratory conditions are very high. The flooring systems of Chesterton International GmbH provide outstanding physical properties by integrating ceramic- and other special particles in the polymer matrix of the fluid coating products. The demands for industrial floors are placed on extreme load capacity, skid-proof surface or highly thermal and chemical resistance. Our products satisfy or exceed these standards in its entirety.


The versatile Ceramic Polymer coating systems are applicable for almost all substrates. Concrete, screed, cement and steel can be coated and sealed sound-absorbent, planar, efficient and physiological harmless. Due to the seamless surface, our flooring systems are easy to clean and therefore meet the highest hygienic demands.


Our floor coatings facilitate easy use with conventional application tools, such as rakes or rollers. Ceramic Polymer special primers provide a non-porous substrate. Our solvent-free, unplasticized coatings on epoxy- or polyurethane-basis feature by versatile physical properties the perfect floor protection. The self-leveling and self-ventilating sealing fulfills beside specific product requirements also decorative demands. Fast curing times guarantee short down times and thereby smooth production processes.




Significant effects for highest demands


In the range of production and logistics, our floor coating systems are applicable for extreme heavy loads by optional fibre reinforcements. Machinery and high bay racking with a heavily concentrated load stand with our products on solid ground.


Our floor coating systems are resistant against chemical substances such as acids, alkaline solution, grease or oils. Thus they are qualified for electroplating and chemical industry.


Furthermore, our product portfolio contains elastic, ergonomic and skid-proof floor coating products, which are easy to clean sanitarily; the perfect choice for all kinds of hospital floors and decontaminable laboratory floors.


A variety of coating systems is required for parking decks and underground garages. Among long-term heavy-duty floor protection we provide impact resistant and durable wall coatings as well as adequate marking products for lanes and walkways.




Ceramic Polymer: Chemical resistant floor for production hall of pharmaceutical industry Ceramic Polymer: Antistatic floor for production hall Ceramic Polymer: Heavy-duty floor with fibre-reinforcement Ceramic Polymer: Abrasion resistant floor for storage depot Ceramic Polymer: Floor for parking garage, skid-proof and abrasion resistant




For the food and pharmaceutical industry, particular hygienic standards are required. Beside extreme chemical resistance e.g. to disinfectants, the floor has to be easy to clean sanitarily and acutely skid-proof. Another need is physiological harmlessness of the coating surface, which our products fulfill constantly.


Due to the outstanding thermal resistance, our floor coating systems satisfy highest standards. They provide low temperature stability of -50°C for refrigerated warehouse and down to -150°C for cryogenic technology. Our products offer stability up to +150°C for hot chambers without reduction of any physical properties. The flexibility and tensile strength all remain also at extreme hot or cold temperatures.


Specific properties are required for the sealing of clean-rooms. Our special coating systems fulfill all demands for floor, wall and ceiling of clean-rooms such as minimum emissions of VOC/AMC and particles, mechanical and chemical resistance.


By addition of nano-carbon-fibers and special conductive polymers, electrostatic dissipation capability is achieved, which is most relevant for the production of electronic components, e.g. microchips and modules. Our particular facilitate the controlled and constant dissipation of electrostatic charching.