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Due to the outstanding physical properties, our various coating systems provide a versatile range of use for tanks and vessels. They show ultimate corrosion protection against natural influences and long-term UV-stability for external coating of tanks and steel constructions. As internal coatings for special tanks and process vessels, our products perform high-grade resistance properties at elevated operating temperatures.


Our high-performance coatings achieve the complex requirements in the range of oil and gas to their full extent. The demands for adequate corrosion protection in this field of application require excellent chemical resistance at high operating temperatures combined with extreme pressure resistance.




Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of huge tank for hydrocarbons Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of gas separator, Saudi Arabia Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of tanks for transformer oil

Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of pipework

Ceramic Polymer: Internal coating of degassing tank, Saudi Arabia




Particular parts of our product range are coating systems with electrostatic dissipation capabilities which we invented for the storage of highly flammable substances. When oxygen is present during electrostatic charging, explosive reactions could occur in the vapor phase, the upper area of the tank. By the addition of nano-carbon fibers, conductive chains are formed in the coating. These facilitate the dissipation of electric charging and prevent dangerous reactions of the storage fluids.


By integration of special particles into the ceramic-filled epoxide resin coatings, isolating properties are attained. These specific coating systems are especially qualified outstandingly for tanks and pipelines with exceeding temperature loads. Furthermore, they can effectuate the reduction of nuclear radiation (gamma rays) substantially.


Through several years of intensive research, we have developed special internal coating systems for storage tanks of crude oil and all kinds of hydrocarbons, which provide a steady long-term protection against biocorrosion induced by SRB bacteria. These coating products prevent fatal pitting corrosion effectively. The unique mode of operation has been internationally patented. For more information, please refer to the topic "biocorrosion".




Tests & Certificates of independent institutes


10.000 hours salt spray test

thermo-shock-test (from 180°C to zero, 1.000 cycles)

resistance to acids, alkaline solutions, (pH 4-11), brine, oils, CO2, H2S, Hg, HgS at operating temperatures up to 110°C

resistance to E85 - ethyl alcohol, methanol/petrol, RME

resistance against methyl alcohol

long-term resistance against deionate (fully demineralized water) at 50°C

cathodic disbondment test with 1,5 V (30 + 60 + 90 days at 60°C)

autoclave test with explosive decompression (natural gas, 100 bar, 100°C)

electrostatic dissipation capability < 106 surface resistance






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